2018 International Symposium of the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of K. Marx





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  • Seires C (Day 2): Room S405, Sotobori Bldg. 4F

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“Karl Marx” — Dead or Alive in the 21st Century? 

The International Symposium on K. Marx in the 21st Century will be held at Hosei University in Tokyo, Japan, on December 22-23, 2018. The year of 2018 is the bicentenary anniversary of K. Marx’s birth. This great thinker’s name has been incorporated into modern world history. Even today, we still suffer from antagonisms and critical tendencies that can be comparable to what K. Marx regarded as the results of capitalist economy. So, the name of this revolutionary intellectual giant in the 19th Century arouses uneasiness both in every field of politics, economics, social thought, and philosophy, and in social and political movements.

Among the debates to which Marx’s life and work has given rise, one fundamental question is this: Have Marx’s ideas on the problems of modern economic system and society already become outmoded? If it is the case, can Marx’s theory and ideas be renewed on the grounds of accumulated knowledge, and using advanced analytical tools? In general, what is the message of this bearded man for people who live more than a century after his death? These problematics will provide the central thematic focus for our 2018 conference.

K. Marx was not a prophet. He was a man who wished to ground his ideas in the materialistic view of history and declared his willingness to receive any scientific criticisms to his theory. On the occasion of the bicentenary of his birth, seven major academic societies engaging Marxian studies in Japan are jointly organizing an international symposium on “K. Marx in the 21st century” in Tokyo. Prominent international researchers will discuss Marx’s ideas, focusing on both historical and theoretical approaches. Attention to history is crucial, because Marx’s ideas were formulated in the 19th Century and gave rise to “Marxism,” which influenced intellectuals and social and political movements in the 20th Century. Theoretically, we should examine his ideas in the dual context of the system he intended to establish and of new 21st century developments. In 2017, a preliminary symposium on the 150th anniversary of K. Marx’s Capital was held in Tokyo; the proceedings of that event (appearing soon on our webpages) will provide one point of departure for what we anticipate will be critical analyses and reappraisals undertaken on a broader basis in “K. Marx in the 21st Century.”

We look forward to the participation of leading Marxian researchers overseas as well as in Japan in proposing answers to the question that will guide our 2018 symposium.

Dr. Tetsuji Kawamura
Chairman of The Executive Committee of K. Marx in the 21st Century Symposium (President of the JSPE)

Reception(for Pre-registration & Symposium information)

Free participation with complimentary refreshments
2018.12.21 (Friday) 17:30-20:30
Hosei University (Ichigaya Campus)
Boissonade Tower 25th Floor STUFF Club