2017 Symposium on the 150th Anniversary of K. Marx’s Capital

This symposium is the first part of the project titled “Marx in the 21st Century”. To celebrate the 150th publication of Karl Marx’s Capital Vol.1 (1867), we shall discuss significance and issues of Marx’s theory in the 21st century, particularly focusing on Capital, from diversified points of view: economic theories, thoughts, history and empirical analysis.

Date: September 16, 2017 (Sat.) 9:00-18:40
Venue: New Building #1 GF, Ekoda Campus, Musashi University, Tokyo JAPAN


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Chief organizor: Tetsuji Kawamura (Hosei University)

Part I: Presentation Session
Chairpersons: Hiroshi Onishi (Keio University) & Yukihiko Maehata (J.F. Oberlin University, Emeritus)

Presenter Title Download
Michiaki Obata (The University of Tokyo, Emeritus) How Marx’s Capital has been reinterpreted in the process of the Capitalistic Development? Full Paper / Abstract
Satoshi Matsui (Senshu University) “The Shortening of the Working Day” in Capital and Labor as Human Essence Full Paper / Abstract
Hiroshi Uchida (Senshu University, Emeritus) Marx’s Capital in the light of the comparative modern history Full Paper / Abstract
Tomonaga Tairako (Hitotsubashi University, Emeritus) Versachlichung, Verdinglichung and Alienation in Marx’s Capital: Basic Categories of Marxian Materialism Full Paper / Abstract
Koji Morioka (Kansai University, Emeritus) Working Hours in Contemporary Japan viewed from Marx’s Capital Full Paper / Abstract
Masayoshi Tatebe (Chuo University, Emeritus) Modern Financial Crisis and Marx’s Capital Full Paper /  Abstract
Kenji Mori (Tohoku University) The First Publication of Economic Manuscripts in MEGA and New Aspects of Marx’s Economic Theory Full Paper / Abstract
Timm Graßmann (Ph.D. Student at Berlin University, BBAW) The MEGA and Marx’s Studies on the Economic Crises of the 19th century Full PaperAbstract

Part II: Discussion Session
Coordinator: Kiichiro Yagi (Kyoto University, Emeritus)
Discussants: Mitsuhiko Tsuruta (Chuo University, Emeritus) & Susumu Takenaga (Daito Bunka University)

Summaries of Discussion