Series B (English Sessions) 要旨・フルペーパー

Series B: Marx’s Actuality: Past and Present

第1日目 2018年12月22日(土)

Session B-1: Another Marx
司会:Kohei Saito (Osaka City University)

報告者 報告タイトル ダウンロード 備考
Marcello Musto (York Univ.) Review on Musto’s Another Marx
Tomonaga Tairako (Hitotsubashi Univ.) Review on Musto’s Another Marx
Shuji Kamioka (Hitotsubashi Univ.) Review on Musto’s Another Marx

Session B-2: Marx in the History
司会:Sadaharu Oya (Hokkai Gakuen University)

報告者 報告タイトル ダウンロード 備考
Daniel Frazer (CRMEP Kingston University) Between Trauma and Transformation: Plasticity and the Dynamics of the Class Relation 本文English Abstract
Dongha Yang (Tsinghua University) A Western Resurgence of Reading “The Communist Manifesto” 本文English Abstract
Faruk Eray Düzenli (St. Mary’s College of Maryland) Marx: a Spectre Haunting… 本文English Abstract

Session B-3: Marx’s Criticism of Culture and Society
司会:Hidetomo Takahei (Hokkaido Univ., Emeritus)

報告者 報告タイトル ダウンロード 備考
Jiankun Gao (Fudan University) The Impacts of China’s Manufacturing Industrial Intellectualization on the Employment Status 本文/English Abstract
Frédéric Monferrand (Paris-Nanterre University/Sophiapol) Abstract domination? On some difficulties of a critical concept 本文/English Abstract
Hidetomo Takahei (Hokkaido Univ., Emeritus) Capability of Co-operation, Automatic Machinery and Moral Depreciation —Reflection based on the part 4 of “Capital”: production of the relative surplus value— 本文和文要旨English Abstract
Gian Giacomo Cavicchioli (Institute for the Study of Capitalism) The Science of “Capital” and the Party. Marx and the English Trade Unionists in the 1860s and 1870s 本文English Abstract

Session B-4: Cultural Criticism

報告者 報告タイトル ダウンロード 備考
Lisa Magnani (Macquarie University) Cultures of Inequality: Financialization, Labour and Social Finance 本文/English Abstract
Bartosz Mika (University of Gdańsk) Dialectic of Knowledge – Contribution to the Theory of Knowledge in Advanced Capitalism 本文English Abstract
Juliette Farjat (Paris Nanterre University / Sophiapol) Marx and Language. How to Criticize Language While Using It ? 本文English Abstract

第2日目 2018年12月23日(日)

Session B-5: Marx in the 21st Century
司会:Richard Westra (Nagoya University)

報告者 報告タイトル ダウンロード 備考
David M. Kotz (University of Massachusetts Amherst) Economic Crisis and Transformation of the State: The Roots of Authoritarian Right-Wing Nationalism 本文/English Abstract
Radhika Desai (University of Manitoba) Karl Marx, the Nation-State and the Evolving Geopolitical Economy of Capitalism 本文/English Abstract
Richard Westra (Nagoya University) Socialism in 21st Century 本文/English Abstract
Junji Tokunaga (Dokkyo University) U.S.Dollar-Based Financilization: An Analysis of Global Money Capital 本文/和文要旨/English Abstract