Series A (English Sessions) 要旨・フルペーパー

Series A: Economic Theory of Marx

第1日目 2018年12月22日(土)

Session A-1: Marx in the History of Economic Thought
司会:Kiichiro Yagi (Setsunan University)

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Kiichiro Yagi (Setsunan University)

Marx’s Theory of Capital in the History of Economics: Marx, Classical School, Austrians, and Growth Theory

本文和文要旨English Abstract
Gong Hoe Gimm (Gyeongsang National University) Beyond the Ricardian Framework: An Outline of the Theory of International Economic Relations based upon Marx’s Value Theory 本文/English Abstract
Masaaki Yoshida (Senshu University) From G-W-G’ to Economic Table in the 21st Century 本文/和文要旨English Abstract
Bertram Schefold (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main) The Transformation of Values into Prices on the Basis of Random Systems Revisited 本文English Abstract
Motohiro Okada (Konan University) Marx’s Anti-Neoclassicist Views on Labour Exchange: Another Possibility of the Labour Power–Labour Distinction Implied in His Drafts 本文/和文要旨/English Abstract
Nikolay Nenovsky (University of PIcardie Jules Verne)

Money as a Coordination of Commodity Economy.“Monetary” Marxists in Russia and France

本文English Abstract

Session A-2: Value and Transformation Problem
司会:Makoto Itoh (The University of Tokyo, Emeritus)

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Fred Moseley (Mount Holyoke College)

Money and Totality:
A Macro-Monetary Interpretation of Marx’s Logic in Capital and the End of the “Transformation Problem”

本文English Abstract
Makoto Itoh (The University of Tokyo, Emeritus) Marx’s Value Theory and the Transformation Problem Revisited – Commenting on Fred Moseley’s Macro Monetary Interpretation 本文和文要旨English Abstract
Ryuji Sasaki (Rikkyo University) Rethinking the Theory of Price of Production through a Study on the Manuscript of Capital 本文/和文要旨/English Abstract
Sousuke Morimoto (St. Andrews University) Marx’s Theory of the Circuit of Capital and the Transformation: Commenting on Fred Moseley’s Macro-Monetary Interpretation 本文和文要旨English Abstract
Nobuyuki Yoshimura (Shinshu University) Recent Trends in Value Theory 本文/和文要旨/English Abstract

Session A-3: Value and Money (1)
司会:Susumu Takenaga (Daito Bunka Univ.)

報告者 報告タイトル ダウンロード 備考
Kiyoshi Nagatani (Shinshu University) Value-Form and the Mystery of Money 本文和文要旨English Abstract
Uros Kranjc (University of Ljubljana) Value Form, Subtractive Structure and Implied Temporality 本文English Abstract
Masao Ishikura (Hitotsubashi University) Marx’s Theory of Value Form and its Contribution to Understanding Price Mechanism 本文/和文要旨/English Abstract

第2日目 2018年12月23日(日)

Session A-4: Value and Money
司会:Hiroshi Onishi (Keio University)

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Hiroshi Onishi (Keio University) Labor Theory of Value Based on Marginalist Principle 本文和文要旨English Abstract
Carolina Alves (Girton College) Revisitng Social Class and Class Antangism in the Poverty of Philosophy 本文/English Abstract
Enfu Cheng (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Leading Ideas of Chinese Model: Marxism in Chinese Mode, and “Two Economic Miracles” of New China

本文English Abstract
Alberto Handfas (Federal University of Sao Paulo)

A Marxian Inflation Theory: Empirical Investigations on Demand-Pull, Supply-Resistance Models

本文English Abstract
Rolf Hecker (Berliner Verein zur Förderung der MEGA-rdition, e.v.) Marx’s Critique of Capitalism: On the Final of the Second Section of MEGA 本文English Abstract
Alan Freeman (Geopolitical Economy Research Group) Marx, Value and Class 本文English Abstract